Hello 2019

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Hi everyone! Welcome back, welcome back.

Gestures to an open fire crackling in the hearth.

Hope we all had a fantastic New Year’s party – I know I did!

And ouch, what a hangover right?

We spent our NYE at our friend Emili’s (not her real name, so you’re safe Emily if you’re reading this), chomping on KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) and playing a multitude of board games as we waited to ring in 2019.

Between all the yelling and laughing and general good times, I had what you would call an epiphany. Been having a fair few of those recently (read here and here).

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… Ha… Ha…Ha…Ha…

Yknow, it could have been the alcohol and fried chicken mixed in with sporadic bursts of sour worms and half a tub of chocolate-rich ice cream – but I felt something.

I think they call it:


Reflection on the year that’s been, reflection on what I’ve accomplished, succeeded, failed and missed out on.

That through all the up’s and down’s, I can appreciate where I am, sitting in a room full of close friends laughing and cheering each other on as we wait for a fresh beginning.

Looking back

As I continued this epiphany, I couldn’t help but look back at where I came from.

The hardships my family endured through my formative years and the lessons I learnt growing up.

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Lesson 1 – Human heads and crocodile jaws are not meant to be together.

The fumbling and stumbling of those early years in my financial journey.

The mistakes I’ve made (and even still making?), as we try to reach our FIRE goals (read about it here!) of financial independence.

And plenty more, from lost loves and career slip-ups to mixing sour worms and ice-cream.

But ya know guys, as I reflected – I felt grateful (word of the year for 2019) OF where I came from.


The fact I married my best friend after knowing her for a third of my life – “took long enough”. Our wedding day was truly special!

What I’ve accomplished so far on this blog, a whimsical thought born out of my Grandpa’s passing a year and a half ago – to where it is now, and where it will continue to grow. 

For that a special thank YOU, dear reader – for your continued support and patronage!

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Thank you!

My continued focus and journey into the investing world, as we try to build on that elusive FIRE figure.

The people we have met and will continue to do so in our travels thus far – the world is an amazing place!

And of course, the relationships with the people in our lives – our family, our friends, each other and ourselves. 

The Future

Which is why I am pretty darn optimistic of what this year will hold.

I have a rough plan as to how to get to our financial destination (buy low, sell high, so simpaul).

I have a good handle on what’s expected at work – gonna knuckle down and climb that ladder, REALLY eager actually. Looking forward to reporting back on Adventures from the Office.

I’ve got a fair idea for this blog and what I want out of it this year (stay consistent, deliver good content, rinse, repeat).

And lastly, I know what I must do in order for us to start a family (this one is obvious SURELY, man UP TheFrugalSamurai).

Which is why I am definitely looking forward to not only cracking the whip for 2019 – but also why I’m even more excited to let everyone know how we fare along this year – an AMAZING array of blog topics to cover.


So make sure you come back as I’ll share them all, each and every step of the way (bi-weekly).

So that’s it!

WOOP WOOP, welcome 2019 and I look forward to all that it brings!

What about you? What do you want out of 2019?

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