How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Defined Our Generation

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Today’s post is a bit on the sombre side, courtesy of demographer Mark McCrindle regarding how the Coronavirus has affected different generations.

According to his recent report, the age at which we’re exposed to a transformative event determines how embedded it will be in our psyche.

And it’s unsurprising that 84% of adults surveyed agree that the COVID-19 pandemic will play a significant role in shaping the younger generations of today.

Top 5 emotions in response to COVID-19

Similarly, COVID-19 has extended into all areas of our life – from the way we travel, to work, to shopping habits, socializing (or lackthereof) and how we approach education.

The impacts are being felt by the younger generations more so than their older counterparts.

This is true throughout history, as younger adults are generally less established in their lives than older adults.

COVID-19 has had an extreme or substantial impact

And the health repercussions hasn’t just been confined to our physical health, but also our mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Of course, there has also been severe financial impacts through job loss and prospects – as well as the substantial haircuts taken to many investment portfolios.

But the biggest impact has been to our social lives, with the social isolation leaving us all feeling… well, isolated.

Which area of life has the biggest impact?

Suffice to say that we must work together to defeat this unseen enemy.

Hands up if you can’t wait for things to go back to “normal” again.

Count me in!

So let’s look out for one another to stay safe people!

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