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How To Set Goals – The 10x Method

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What’s up everyone! Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.

I went over to our friend’s house last night for a get together, and had a roaring time.

During a moment of sobriety, we got on to the topic of goals, and more importantly how to set goals.

Having goals as we all know, is vitally important to our lives because it provides a sense of direction and purpose.

So I’d thought I’d share with you all what I shared with my friends, and that is my method of setting and creating goals – my very own “10x method”.

Essentially you work backwards from where you want to go by pushing yourself to 10x each year.

For example, many of you know that I recently launched my Youtube career.

A big part of being a Youtuber is to gain viewers and subscribers.

So I set myself the target of 100 subscribers by the end of 2020, then 1k by 2021, 10k by 2022 and so on.

Similarly, with blogging – in the very first year, I just wanted to make $1 in revenue. I didn’t care about the source of that $1, just MAKE ME THAT DOLLAR DAMNIT.

Then in year 2, it became $10, then $100 in year 3 and so on.

By setting 10x goals, I am pushing myself each day to compound my learning to work towards it.

I think it works in all aspects of life.

If you were always a spender and have been in debt forever, why not set yourself a target of saving $100, just $100, by the end of the year. Next year, save $1,000 and then $10,000.

Soon enough, you’ll realize that your savings are limited by your income, and you’ll be researching ways on how to increase your income. What a step that would be!

Or let’s say you’re a shy guy who’s never, ever talked to girls before – preferring to write blog posts about goal setting instead.

You could set a goal to talk to 1 random girl, by the end of the year. You’ll see it ain’t that hard.

Then step it up to 10 next year, 100 the next and before you know it guys will be flocking to you for advice.

Even MrsFrugalSamurai, who ALWAYS claims she wants to learn how to cook, she could learn 1 new recipe, just the one dear – by the end of the year, and then 10 by next year, 100 the year aft…“what’s that dear? Oh yes, of course I am cooking dinner, what do you want to eat?”

There are limitations of course, I mean if I ever (touch friggin’ WOOD) get huge onto Youtube and have say 100 million subscribers (just wow), to 10x would mean 1 BILLION subs.

Mind you, 1 in 10 people on the planet following The Frugal Samurai would be nice.

But, oh boy, can you imagine having even 10 million subs on Youtube?

Or making a million bucks a year from some random personal finance blog?

Or coming from a lifetime of debt to having $100k in savings?

Or going from shaking in fear to making girls shaking with laughter?

Or… or even cooking once… just the on… whoosh goes the steamer at my HEAD.

It’s like that quote by that Bill Gates guy:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”.

Why not hit both?

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